Surface: The Soaring City

Search for your brother, Jeremy, in a beautiful world where the sky is as wide as your imagination in the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Surface: The Soaring City! Jeremy was a great inventor who discovered a magnificent land soaring in the sky. He created wings for the people, making them free. The new citizens were happy...until one day Jeremy was kidnapped and blamed for conducting inhumane experiments. It's up to you to save your brother from imprisonment and redeem his good name.

Click on the glass display case to the far right to zoom in. Take the WIRE from inventory and repair the wire under sensor. You may skip them if you wish but they are critical to understanding the story line. Go back inside moving forward once. But despite my issues with the achievements and the flowers since those are all extras, the main game and the bonus game were fabulous. So either their list has a few flaws or I forgot to do something which would be hard considering some of the achievements are get as you play and if I've played the whole game, how come I don't have them? Click on the NOTE and read it. Another astonishing surface game, kudos to Elephant games. Click on the HELM to zoom in again. There is a key along the bottom of the map which will tell you where you are, if tasks are available for completion in this location, and if an area is locked or unlocked. Click on the railing to the far left of scene to zoom in. Take the PIPE into inventory.


Surface 2: Noise She Couldn't Make [01] w/YourGibs - Chapter 1: Fever 1/2 - Start

I like how in this series, items you find along the way are used in the hidden object scenes. Read the note on table. Navigate by clicking when arrows appear to move between screens and locations. Solution — The solution is shown in the image above. Very rarely do I give 5 stars but when I do, its usually Elephant Games that just bowl me over with excitement and this game is magnificent. The Hint button will become a Skip button during puzzles, but often requires time to charge up before use. Go to the Hall of Wings. I enjoyed playing this game so much I went back and purchased the other "Surface" games. Solutions are as follows to unlock each lock. The main game has a complete and satisfying ending so there is no need for the bonus. Walk down one scene. Locate the hidden objects listed. Mini Game — Your objective is to rotate the four suns so they are all upright at the same time.

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Go back inside house. Walk down and move forward twice. Take the ICE into inventory. Take the gold flower into your philanthropy inventory. This walkthrough will Insane Jewels you how to Worlds Greatest Cities Mahjong through the game from start to finish in a most efficient manner. One flaw - the voice over. Click on the left panel again to zoom in. I had 3 different places to go and I missed 5 flowers, so I couldn't finish the last one. Enter the Conference Hall. Click on the handle to start it and the ground emeralds will add to Sooaring flask. Probably will play it again just to see Safari Venture I can get all of the awards this time watch for those flowers--should be 3 in each scene. At almost 5 years old the graphic aren't as good but the fun Surface: The Soaring City up for it. To solve the second part of this puzzle, first rotate all the red balls as shown on picture 1then rotate the green Surface:: to the spot 2. Take the RING and add it to the indentation. There are potentially three flowers you may find and they are red, gold, and silver.

Move the limbs of the jester figurine to create the gestures 1 , 2 , and 3. Part one — Here you must take the black tiles and place them on the grid so that it is entirely covered. Text appears along the top of the screen. See below for more information. Zoom into the elevator boy Q to play a mini-game. This will leave you access to the BIRD. Great map, precise hints. I thought I got them all. Play the HOS. Walk down and move forward twice. As you play there will be several characters in the game you will have speak to you. Navigate by clicking when arrows appear to move between screens and locations. Press the buttons in the sequence to complete this puzzle. Mini Game — The objective here is to place the four magnets in such a way as to cause the solution to hit the butterfly at the far right. Mini Game — Objective is to position the puppet exactly as the images on the box.

In the image above the tiles are color coded and shown how they should be placed on the grid. To solve this puzzle Xswap the puzzle pieces to recreate the correct picture. Click on the NET to zoom in. When your cursor turns into a directional arrow, it means you can click to access a new area. Walk down three times and go down. Take the RAIL from inventory and place it on the track. Locate all the hidden objects in white text shown circled above. Go to the Dome. Move forward twice back into building. Take the LENS into inventory. Types of Hints Note — There are two types of hints in the game. You will be shown solutions to mini game puzzles and how to move from one location to the next. Chapter Battle Slots — The Palace Entrance Click on the two flowers circled in red for your philanthropy Hotdog Hotshot.

Move forward and go down. Also collectibles flowers which I like as well. Note — All Philanthropy flowers will be shown circled in red when applicable. You must click on the charms and pull them down in order as to which would be higher than the other. I like how in this series, items you find along the way are used in the hidden object scenes. Click on the HEAD to zoom in. Upon locating all the items successfully, a Key Item will be added to your Inventory! As you place items in your inventory, they will be shown along the bottom of the screen which activates by placing your cursor in that area which causes it to lift up from the bottom. Our QuickStart Guides are intended to provide you with all the essential information you need to access pre-existing walkthroughs. This is an item you will need in the game to proceed in completing another puzzle. Enter the Conference Hall. The ladder will extend down and you may now move down. Zoom into the machine; put the KEY into the slot J and turn it. Click on the PIPE again to zoom in. The mechanism to the right will rise up and the scene will sparkle indicating a HOS.

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  1. Remember some items are parts of other items that will need to be assembled and some are parts for mini game puzzles and you may need to find more than one of an item before it can be used. Click on the SACK to zoom in. The voice acting is really well done, but the voice overs are not at all in sync with the mouths. Go to the Dome. My only criticism not exclusive to this ce Is that if you are going to have "achievements", they should be a real achievement, i.

  2. To solve this puzzle K , rotate and extend the five figures and place them correctly onto the board. Take the MASK into inventory. When you find an object that is useful to you a summary screen usually after the completion of a HOS a summary will appear telling you that the item is found and will be placed in your inventory. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Plientje from wow, wow, wow, what a fantastic and beautiful game!!

  3. If you have all the circles will turn green and a panel will open with rewards. Click on table to far left to zoom in. Watch the column go over the edge which frees up the blockage.

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