Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

After Awakening in a mysterious castle it's up to you to collect clues and valuable items needed to solve perplexing puzzles and escape! Listen to your fairy friend as she guides you towards the exit. Play fun minigames and solve clever locks to make it to the next room in the castle. Use your Hidden Object skills to search for the next hint and discover a young Princess' destiny in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle.


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You can turn stars on and off by tapping them. You get another Dreampess the pattern" puzzle, this time with harp strings. Of course, there is Mad Mouse Easter vacation and I will be going home Awakeniing: that. This is another puzzle where you swap pieces to form Wonderland Mahjong picture. The gate doesn't open, unless you examined all five panels in the game. Check the telescope again. This is a puzzle, where you have five paintings to reproduce, and the pieces do NOT snap into place. Use the candle on the fire to light it. It should! The washbasin on the floor on the left will be perfect for cleaning the cauldron! Use the cross from the hidden objects scene in Castls library on the door to the left. Solving this puzzle gives you a heart, one of the ingredients for the pure of heart potion. I've tried to indicate the path that involves the least backtracking. Set the four Mystika: Between Light and Shadow here to those colors, and you get a shield.

There's only one more thing to do here in the alchemy lab. You're in the alchemy lab! Pick up the Moon Orb. The Great Hall Yellow, purple, blue, red. I tried to loan her some more colorful clothes, but she just snarled at me, yes she actually snarled! The swing is put together again. You want to play them in the order seen on the bells in the reversed room. Put the moon orb in the moon slot, and put the sun orb in the sun slot. When you were here earlier, you might have noticed that the pigeon messenger is on the left. A goblin is here, watching the dragon statue. For the first puzzle, click on the colors in this order: red, gray, blue, brown, green 3. Click on the panel to the right of the cabinet with the bells to get a glass disc and turn on the switch. You can now go through the mirror again.

In one variety, all the pieces are different except for two, and you must click on the two that are the same. Puzzle time! Liong: The Lost Amulets goblin here wants you to make him some food. Click on the Awakening: The Dreamless Castle to the right of the cabinet with the bells to get a glass disc and turn on the switch. Hey, we need those runes! You have to do this six times in a row to win. Use the glove you just got on the potted plant here, and our character gets a jar handle. Once you've got the right pattern, select the door handle. It turns out the cauldron was full of firewood. The gargoyle opens its mouth, expecting some payment. Pick up the sword just to the left of center.

You can now use the Pure of Heart potion on the doorway here, so the princess can get through. There are some things here to interact with, but most of them are covered in dust! The fairy is trapped inside a jewelry box on the dresser. Click on the panel to the right of the stove to get a glass disc. Fairies are flying above them, and a rose decoration with gold trim is in all four corners. This net can be used to catch one of those flying keys which flew out of the statue's vase. You can use this key on the door in order to leave. Use Fairy Figurine on fountain. Examine the sphere on the ground again. A goblin appears and tells you to find all ten coins in this room. What colors make green? Swap the lights in the order of the angel carving, from left to right: orange, green, blue, purple, red. Get rid of all the red marbles, the green marbles, the gray marbles, then the purple marbles.

You're in the alchemy lab! You get a watering can. There's a curtain on the ground. Click the button to the right of the dumbwaiter to send the magic rune to the Hall. This area consists of the room you're in now, the gambling room, and a secret library. Then, go back inside the bedroom. Now examine the locker at the left side. For the first puzzle, click on the colors in this order: red, gray, blue, brown, green 3. Look in his book to find a recipe for Pure of Heart potion, made up of a butterfly, a heart, and angel tears. Examine the front of the carriage for another puzzle, where you recreate a picture. Once you've got the right pattern, select the door handle. I'm not sure what I'll do for my next guide. Talk to the goblin.

The pigeon then flies over, and you can take a golden beetle from its mouth. It has pictures on it. Pick up the butterfly net against the left wall. Then get rid of all the red gems in the top half of the board. Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer Version: 1. To contact me, use my email address, ilovecartoonssomuch yahoo. Play the "repeat the pattern" challenge again, in order to get a crystal. Once you solve the puzzle, the glass orb turns into a magic stone. Pick up ten Bolgin coins. This gives you access to a box. First off, grab the short sword, which is near the left plant. Grab the axe underneath the mirror, then examine the gem box, right of the mirror.

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  1. It's locked. Use the rake on the leaves to find a hidden trapdoor. Go through the door into the Parlor. Yep, that's why this is the mirror room!

  2. You can tap on her, and she will reveal the location of an item you can interact with. For Round Three, get rid of all the gray gems, then the green gems working from top to bottom. Find all of the hidden objects. Getting the picture correct results in you getting a key, at the top of the picture. You can reset a certain puzzle, if you're stuck.

  3. It looks like you're not out of the tower yet! Pick up the shears from the table. The exit door, on the right, suddenly comes to life.

  4. Talk to the astronomer. Click on the chimes and ring them according to the bell clue: A goblin appears and tells you to find all ten coins in this room. Screen capture of completed statue.

  5. I find her to be most useful during hidden object challenges, or when you're zoomed in on something. Pick up the Magic Rune. Go back to the hall. Use the sun disc on the door, and you'll finally be able to exit the tower. A second puzzle follows.

  6. Use all five glass discs on the gate here. Use the rope on the pulley on the ceiling, which partially opens the trapdoor. Grab both of them, then examine the statue for a puzzle. The dumbwaiter goes down, taking a magic rune along with it.

  7. The gargoyle opens its mouth, expecting some payment. Go right, to the carriage house. Go through the mirror.

  8. Finally, use the rapid growth potion on the plant to make a huge vine which leads to the window. That's an orange face, green mouth, yellow nose and eyebrows and purple eyes. On the other side of the doorway is the kitchen. He gives you a minigame called Goblinjong, which is just like mahjong.

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