PuppetShow: Destiny Undone

In the calm and peaceful town of Joyville the evil revisits the same family – Master and Felicia’s. Little Felicia should now live happily, but she needs help again. Her father, Master of Puppets, has gone missing and Cricks is there too! Cricks is in town for revenge! Felicia begs to help save her father from the death of his old friend but is it possible to change destiny? What has to be done will be done and you will believe in miracles!


Puppetshow: Destiny Undone [CE] Walkthrough (Part 3 of 3)

Press C until the orange circle moves all the way to the small blue stopper. Zoom into the crate; take the KEY K. Exit to the left and walk down. Move the orange doll to the left orange slot. Advanced mode has no Hint or Skip meter and there are no sparkles to indicate active areas. Put the knight back together again by matching up the screws. Make a clear path so the cannon can shoot at each one of the four targets. Open the cabinet door V , move the hat W , and open the chest X remove the mermaid first to retrieve the hidden fish. Don't know what it is that keeps drawing me back to this series but I just love them. When the street sign opens, take the KEY. It is well drawn and easy to see what needs to be found. Move the board and take the airship 1. Play the HOP.

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Be the first to write a forum post about this game! Click on a piece to select it, then click on the position you wish to place it. Open it and read the article. Throughout the game, you will find hat patterns for the puppet. Proceed until all the tram parts are on their proper Destimy. Zoom into the chest; insert the FLY into the slot S. Use the puppet helper to knock down the crate. This little guy is so adorable. Use the arrows in the center of the ring to move the bars in and out of the way. There is Deshiny that much running around to find clues. Press A until the line that connects the 4 and the 5 circle opens, Unddone the gray capsule moves to the PuppetShow: Destiny Undone of circle 5. Press D until the green bar connects with Dig The Ground pink element Chuzzle: Christmas Edition the end of the line outside the 4 circle. Return to the shack. Press A until the blue and PupetShow: rings connect inside the 2 circle and the gray capsule moves to the edge of circle 5.

Zoom into the fish and use the SAW on it E. Take the BAG P. A grabbing hand indicates you can pick up an item to add to your inventory. However, you can follow the steps below to solve the puzzle. A doll cannot jump over another doll. Take the HORN he offers. Move the dolls to their matching coloured slot on the right. Insert the KEY in the keyhole O and turn the key. You should not need the hint button much. Click on the toolbox that falls. Go through the door on the right. Click three times on the beaded bracelet to get the beads.

Click on the cabinet to start a hidden object hunt. Chapter 2 — The Tram Depot Click PuppetShow: Destiny Undone the carriage. Put the HORN on the boy statuette. Zoom into the chest 4 and place the puzzle on it. Read the newspaper article. Touch the body parts and take the mechanical PuppeyShow: 4. Find out which game Felicia plays this time…. The map is inter-active and helps with the back and forth. Use the hammer on the nails 2 1000 LYA take the puzzle 3. Use the candle to burn the web to reveal more items. This time, we even get our own helper puppet!! Direction giving hint. A grabbing hand indicates you can pick up an Battle Slots to add to your inventory. The journal will open and Bubble Zoo 2 when new clues have been added.

Dolls can only be moved to their matching coloured slot. Move the violet doll to the right violet slot. Talk to the paper boy. Walk down. Add the CAN to the base, then turn the handle. Press Ax3, Bx2, Cx1, then press the left button 2 times red. Please note that we can't help you out if you write about it in your post. Before assuming the game has a glitch, go through your inventory and see if you can place any of your items anywhere or look for an item to pick up, switch to flip, etc. Pull the handle T. Play the HOP. To solve the puzzle, move the pieces in the order shown on the screenshots. Discuss with other players!

Solution: Click on the angel statue. A grabbing hand indicates you can pick up an item to add to your inventory. Click on the tram station door. Wellknown ERS-graphics, clear and detailed. Click on the wall map. Open the curtain and enter the kitchen. Click on the juggling clown. Items have to be placed in a particular order in order to advance the scene. Play the HOP. Place the wing C on the dragonfly D and take it. Zoom into the clock and turn the hands to Move down and go through the door on the right. Click on the base of the tree. Take the HORN he offers. Return to the shack.

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  1. Move the curtains; take the ball and the giraffe K. Choose a colour to start with and work at getting all the tram parts onto their proper track. Dolls can only be moved to their matching coloured slot. Click on the can opener.

  2. Rearrange the tram parts so the colour of the tram matches the colour of the tracks. The red buttons with arrows on the left and right, rotate the ring. Jx1 and the left button pink.

  3. Slide the board; take the pear and the word X. Go forward on the right. Not sure if it is 5 star because it is quite easy. Meanwhile the 5th game of this series and ERS are still improving!! The flow of the game is pretty straight forward and easy to keep up with.

  4. The red buttons with arrows on the left and right, rotate the ring. Remove the cap and pour the liquid on the left page. Jx1 and the left button pink. Click on the tram station door. Dolls can only be moved to their matching coloured slot.

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