Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage

Save the souls of prodigy children and their caretaker who disappeared during the fire in THe Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage! As an agent of the Agency of Anomalies, its up to you to find the phantoms and find out who started the deadly fire. Help the inhabitants of the orphanage use their extraordinary abilities to break the plans of the mystical brotherhood and escape! Search gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and solve a paranormal mystery!

During your search you meet ghosts of children with different abilities that you interact with to gain their trust and by helping them find peace and these abilities are then transferred to you and help you to further your investigation. One of the Best! The following screenshots show a possible solution for each maze level. Side Yard Zoom in on the crates. Concoct the concentrated acid B. The above shows possible solutions for the three rounds of the puzzle. Click on the drawer to open it and then click to look closer. Receive the telekinetic ability orb. There are also scenes where you have to put items from the inventory back into a scene such as placing a third Teddy Bear with the other two already in the scene. Go back to the bathroom. Click an existing wire to remove a connection. Entryway Look at the model train A. I'm pretty sure mine is better though You have a bunch of objects that are going to help you paint a pretty picture Zoom in on the box on the floor B.

If you're stuck and don't know what to do, it's a good idea to consult your journal for clues. Use the telekinesis power to retrieve the BOW from the moon above the stage. Not all pieces are used. Dining Room Zoom in on the back table. Use that on it to make it complete once again. There was a fire that damaged part of the orphanage some time ago and it has been struggling to continue operation since then. Hmmm what to do Advanced — Hint and Skip buttons recharge slower. Now use your ability on it and presto! But you have to activate the right ones depending on the shapes in the fuses which will tell you how many connections you need to make. I know it's a long walk Place the labels in the inventory bar on the correct item. The Story section of the Journal contains information to help guide game play and solve puzzles.

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Play Mad Mouse hidden object scene A. Lets start with the storyline: A group of orphans with special abilities are missing and you must learn what happened to them inside the abandoned orphanage. Click each difference in either photo. Examples of the abilities are to enlarge small things, see through walls, telekinesis, restore objects and make picture Solitaire: Ted And P.E.T real. Do I have to do everything here? Anomaliee: hidden object scene Watch the final cutscenes. Use the telekinesis ability to remove the boards blocking the door B. Select the Notebook in the lower left and choose the Story tab and Docs tab. Pick up the first postcard red and white circle. Head right to the bridge C. Yes, I know Go to the left side of the building.

An incorrect shot will reset the round. Well there's a RAG on the right Check Achievements from the Options button on the main menu. What's the use of a small cannon Did you see his face!? Greenhouse Patio Pick up the postcard on the right. Begin play by selecting a mode: Regular — Hint and Skip button recharge faster. Select the Nexus Y and then use the ability to enlarge objects on the cannon Z. Slide the tiles so they match the pattern above the puzzle pink. Pick up the first postcard red and white circle. Library Play the hidden object scene. Use your Restoration power and fix it. Use X-Ray vision to view the interior B. Start with the blue section 1 as it already has part of it in place. One of the Best!

Use the telekinesis ability B to raise the scarecrow and chase away the bird. I definitely and positively recommend it. Rated 5 LandGrabbers of 5 by hermitcave from A surprisingly enjoyable game with an engaging story You are at your desk reading your newspaper when a wind blows over a bottle of ink spilling it on the paper. Fine don't The HOs were easy enough, both list and return items, but the puzzles were much harder than the first of this series. Exit to the darkened courtyard. The goal is to shoot the arrows at the boards in the order they are highlighted. One achievement is finding the 33 postcards hidden in the scenes. I guess we should play it. Place the gears onto the pins as shown in the screenshot O. Drag the picture of Africa to the book. Go back one screen and let's look at that door at the end of the hall on the right. The last item green has no match.

There is! After the boards for that sequence have lit up, an arrow appears at the bottom of the screen. Let's play it. Philip, the lonely musician, Robert, the fighter and his toy Can I borrow your metronome? The only complaint I have is with the fact that there is no map and you had to either remember what and where the rooms were or use the hint button which would only say nothing to do here. Not getting it? Use the restoration ability to restore the book. The numbers on the inventory bar correspond to the item in the scene. Play the place the object scene A. Use your Restoration power on the broken key to fix it. Play the replace the object scene. Objective: To discover what happened at the orphanage and to save the children and the preceptress from whatever evil has imprisoned them in their ghostly states.

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  1. For example, place the flashlight 7 to see under the desk and reveal a calendar. I also learned that I can get rid of the custom cursor that was driving me crazy… and once I did that, I found the game much more enjoyable. Scroll to the right side of the room.

  2. Place the items from the inventory bar into the scene. Another hidden object scene Why did it have to be weeds Get the postcard.

  3. There were two modes in playing the HOS scenes, one being interactive where you collected the items on the list and the other where you placed items in their correct position. Let's play it! Tree House Play the hidden object scene Pair the scissor blades to form Scissors.

  4. This is a beautiful game. One possible solution for the first set of lights is shown above. Hallway Pick up the postcard on the right. Climb the ladder to the tree house. Take it for your trouble and go.

  5. The best strategy is to try and match the outside pattern and work inward. Select the Notebook in the lower left and choose the Story tab and Docs tab. Not all pieces are used. Use your Restoration power on the broken key to fix it.

  6. This is going to start a puzzle. The goal is the same. Chapter 3: Robert - Oh Avoid the holes or the ball will be reset to its original position. Punch in the numbers and symbol B on the drawer key pad triangle, 6, 8.

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