Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

You've tracked down the latest Dark Dimension to Red Lake Falls, where a haunting beauty queen begs you to save the town but from whom? Is it her brother, last seen busting through a shop window in a jealous rage? Or his stalker girlfriend? The real villain in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game just might shock you unless youre turned into wax first!


Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty (Part 3): An Abrupt Ending

Verbe Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty femmes

Click on the bag on the chair. Click on the planet stand again and take the playing card. Select the vanity for a HOS. Click on the bushes on the right. Some mini games are already known, but entertaining because because they Bubble Zoo 2 some different things from usual. Watch the cutscene. Move the numbers so they are in numerical order starting at the top left. Dinensions: the triangle tip to the crystal ball. Click on the plaque above the door. Open the lantern to find the mushroom G. Click on the table on the left. Look at the book and read the page on Dark Dimensions M. Solution: For the second part of the puzzle, you have to swap tiles. Use the paper knife on the Nikakudori and take the jewelry box part, then read the note.

Use the sculpture tool. Go into the workshop. Exit the newspaper office. Items listed in yellow need further actions to uncover them. Place the cards in numerical order over the top card N. Click on the plaid skirt wearing statue. Click on the wagon. You cannot switch settings midgame. Move forward, then climb out the window. Move forward two scenes. Walk towards the band shell V. Once you have found all the items, a carrot is added to your inventory. Walk forward through the door.

Use the needle and thread on the ripped shirt and take the mended shirt. The puzzle starts with a red tile in the centre position. Add the clay mask. Refer to your journal for the symbols G2 - Geeks Unleashed and enter them on the device C. Enter the dressing room. Select the junk pile Brauty a HOS B.

Take and read the flier about the grand opening I. Add the two ink pots. Note the mini-game on the double doors P. Put the horse on the rocker to get the rocking horse. Click on the robot. Add the planet switch. Take the bell clapper from the outstretched hand, then take the ring. Take the triangular key. Solution: Take the chest head. Move forward, then left, then forward to the floating wax museum. Once you have found all the items, a stone tile is added to your inventory. Take the rope ladder.

Good choice for the weekend! Add the button. Try to move forward. Once you have found all the items, a mirror is added to your inventory. Cutscene at the beginning with real characters is really attractive, worth watching! Put the needles on the doll and take the voodoo doll. One card is placed at the top. Click on the seat. Click on a disc piece and then click on another piece to swap their positions. Chapter 2 — The Town Click on the fountain. Click on the bulbs in the order shown in the screenshot below: When you are finished, take the medallion. Then move a blue tile into the empty outer ring. When you are finished, take the old life symbol.

Place the lens to complete the camera J. Use the garden glove to move aside the vines to find the cup V. This is the beauty queen Luciana Costello, still wearing her pageant gown, sash and crown, from that horrible day. The card designators are in 3 configurations. Click on two tiles to swap their positions. The meaning of the symbols is added to your journal. Once you have found all the items, a cup is added to your inventory. Use the feathers on the bird to make the stuffed bird J. Enter the gate. Put the blue liquid in the yellow liquid, then take the green liquid. Click on the area beside the statue to start a hidden object hunt. Use the ring on the drawer bottom, then take the hammer. Use the pin to take the pedal.

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  1. Walk down twice and take the elevator down. Make note of the symbols U. Add the two balls.

  2. Click on the bag on the chair. But it is still easy to follow because it is very logical had to be a lot of thought put into it. Click on the area to the left of the statue to start a hidden object hunt. Take the saw.

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