Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony

Escape a cursed island inhabited by lost souls in Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony! After a strange twist of fate, you find yourself stranded on an eerie island. As you search for a way to cross the treacherous waters, an otherworldly boatman appears and tells you the only way to return home alive is to help three of the poor spirits trapped on the island. Travel through history and right the wrongs of the past to earn your passage home in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure!

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Inspect the tank; put the steak in Zumas Revenge and take the right medallion half H. Click on the red button to the left of the tank, on the generator, to activate it. Put the oiler on the hinges Redemprion the lower right door and open the door. Walk down and go through the Charma: The Land of Enchantment left door. Moving a lever will affect the others. Once you find one, click on it to cross it from the list. Go back to the Dock. Zoom into the worktable K. Mine Entrance Examine the small makeshift table to the right of the gangster. Move the rings according to the numbers and locations shown below to solve the puzzle. Examine the suitcase; enter the number into the tumblers G to activate a HOP. Examine the book that appears on the table Redempiton the mirrors are restored to enter a puzzle. Go back to the Ship Deck. Drag one item over another to combine them in inventory.

Light up the terminals by placing puzzle segments into circles with outlines of matching colors. Return to the Tower. Find the objects listed at the bottom of the screen. The Skip button appears during puzzles. Zoom into the owl and put the owl coin on it to activate a mini-puzzle J. Speak with the sick man in the bed. Regular Mode features skip and hint buttons recharging quickly, and active zones being highlighted with sparkles. Notice the barrel rolling back and forth on the right. Examine the upper portion of the windmill on the right. Look at the dashboard C. This will change into a couple different things depending on the situation. Going in the right direction from the start, the solutions are as shown below. Use the DIRK to remove the seaweed from the top of its head.

Make your way back to the Porch Area. Go back down Below Deck. Enter the tower. Touch the ladder to move it to the left. Examine the pocket watch; put the spring in it Redwmption and take the hairpin 9. Library Take a closer look at the large globe on the Mahjongg Artifacts. Take a closer look at the wrapped-up object near the edge railing again.

Go up to the tree house S. Chapter 4: The Mine Elevator Examine the floor control console on the left. Take the second drawer symbol L. Next, examine the window. Return to the tower. Exit the Chapel for now and return to the Workshop. The Mystical Crow can help you access out of reach items. Backyard Take a closer look at the gate in the distance. Take a closer look at the lowered scoop of the bulldozer. Examine the right door; take the SAW and the note L. Go to the backyard and then go through the gate. Arrange the coffee machine drawers as shown in the screenshot A and then open the lid B.

Take a closer look. Use the hairpin on the cord 10 ; take the scissors Upon completing the area, the GEM will be added to your inventory. Turn the page and take the signature U. Open the door; put the shield on the box and take the toy gun D. Use the Resin Lump on the lamp to obtain the Knight. Go back to the Coffin. Play the HOP. Simple drag it over to another item to combine them. Take the note U. Examine the elevator controls; press the B3 Button. The statue will move, revealing a new door. Pour the green liquid G into the bowl. Take a closer look at the tower window up the path.


Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony (Part 4): Finding the Map Pieces

Return to the hallway. The FILE will be added to inventory. Put the candles on top of their matching bases. Take a closer look at the grate on the floor, beneath the steps on the left. Sometimes you will need to combine Inventory Items in order to create new, more useful items. Use the KEY on the lock to open it, then proceed inside. Examine the door on the upper level of the building on the right. Go into the church. Use the RING to cut the glass open, then exit for now. Office Take a closer look at the upright safe again. Go back to the Library. Bow Click on the hidden object area on the lower right. Click and drag the tools and supplies according to the instructions. Next, examine the glove compartment on the right. Please look at the screenshot for the solution P.

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  1. Go back to the Ship Deck. Drag the levers up and down until their eyes turn blue. Return to the Gate. Go back to the Foyer. Examine the book; put the right medallion half and the left medallion half on the book I and then take the ruler J.

  2. Simple drag it over to another item to combine them. There are scenes in which you must find items listed at the bottom of the screen, and then there are scenes in which you must find objects outlined at the bottom of the screen. Place the candles on the arms with the symbols in matching colors.

  3. Take the BELT to add it to inventory The Crow can be used to retrieve or perform actions on objects at a distance. Touch the raccoon A and take the trowel B. Drag one item over another to combine them in inventory.

  4. Go left. Secret Chamber Click on the large cabinet towards the left to open it, then take a closer look inside. Examine the hatch; put the JACK under the fridge; crank the jack and open the hatch Return to the Elevator.

  5. Place the 2 arms and the 2 legs on the wooden body 4. Go forward to the Porch Area. Click on the COIN to add it to your inventory.

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