Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

The famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak snow storm, and his ghost has come to you, asking for help. Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author’s demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing the gallows. Unravel the secrets of Salem’s accused witches and solve the death of Hawthorne in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials, a fun Hidden Object game.


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Put the landscape painting on the wall. Take the silver coins. Great story, as well. They all have a plot that envolves a ghost! Click on the blue wavy lines left to start a hidden object hunt. Although I don't like re-writing or questioning historical facts the game tapped into those emotions which made for a more entertaining experience. Go to the Engine Room on right. Then look at the silhouette the steam is making. To solve the puzzle click on the dial in this order:Turn Clockwise until you hear a click. Return to the House of Seven Gables. Zoom into the base of the statue in the lower right. Click the blue flickering area to start a hidden object hunt.

You get a door handle. On the left, click the chords to swap their positions. The Raven can also help you figure out where to use an inventory item. Click down and go through the door. I think its nice and long with lots to do. Take the Jailer keys. Midnight Mysteries games are the best. Click left side of the desk. Zoom into the gates. The order in which you have to place the ingredients into the cauldron is random. Exhaust all conversations with all the ghosts circled in white. Place the piano keys in the slots and the sheet music above the keys.

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Click down to exit. Go inside for a hidden object hunt. Click the blue wavy lines to start a hidden object hunt. Elves vs. Goblin Mahjongg World the 12 related pairs. You are automatically taken back to the woods. Go inside the cave. Click the drawers below the bookshelf. Drag an inventory item of your choice to the raven and it will show you where that item should be placed. Take the clover and book. From your inventory, combine the ship and the bottle. Click down. You will need to combine certain inventory items before you can use them. Take the notes. Slide the Tfials into the center button. Connect the coins from smallest to largest.

Take the clover. Zoom into the chest. Click on the lower right to access the Courtroom. Go to the Dungeon Entrance on left. Go into the Examining Room on left. Click on the blue wavy lines to start a hidden object hunt. Go into the Courtroom. Click randomly in the scene and the black cat will appear on the screen disallowing you to use your hints or your cursor. Go left to the bench. Zoom into the door. Zoom into the safe for a closer look. You know when something is good when you can't stop thinking about it and want to play. Your goal is to slide the red block through the opening in the lower center. Play the Hidden Object Scene on left. Leave the house.

Take the raven and clover. Please look at the screenshot for the solution. Open the top drawer and take the oven mitt. Click on the window lower left. Click the blue Recyclomania lines to start a hidden object hunt. Put the potion ingredients into their silhouette. Zoom into the chest.

The buttons above the puzzle will rotate the board left or right. Take the sugar bowl and potion book. A puzzle starts. Click on the coins on the rug to trigger a puzzle. Talk to the ghost to get the landscape painting. Loved the storyline. Take the Jailer keys. Read the will and take the key. Talk to it. Go towards the house on the right. Exactly the right mix of adventure, HO scenes and other puzzles and challenges. Watch the cutscene. The solutions are random so you must use the codes from your game to solve the puzzle.

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  1. The storyline is great, the graphics and the sound quality are perfect. Go up the passage. Click on the carpet where the coins fell. Go left towards the Courthouse Entrance.

  2. Read the will and take the key. Take the silver leaf and domino. Drag an inventory item of your choice to the raven and it will show you where that item should be placed. Take the treaty. Take the clover from the ceiling.

  3. In your inventory, combine the notes. Click on the rock on the wall. Leave the courthouse and go to the dungeon. Go in.

  4. Use the key on the tomb. Click to move the dialogue along, then watch the cutscene. Click the drawers below the bookshelf. Take the pole axe.

  5. Go out the back door. Go outside. Take the clover and barrel lid. Moves you around to find clues and makes you pay attention to be able to solve the area so you can go to the next area.

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