Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle

Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will be a challenge to the players' skills as they try to combine the various pieces of 90 puzzle backgrounds from successful adventure games. The game offers three single player modes: in "Search & Find," the right piece from different piles has to be put in a predetermined place. Two other modes require puzzling via Drag & Drop.


Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle (Gameplay)

Talk to Moti and play his card game. Get to the other side of the bars. Exit the tent. Ride the lift system. He believes that Mattis is innocent. He has to be hit by lightning. I selected to write x x x. Exit the room and go down to the main level. Enter the TV room at right. See that the label of this torn pad is different - torn up pad. Use the cup on the chute of the coffee machine. Enter the door at right. Go right to riverside walk.

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Still mad respect for those guys. Learn about the laundry lift as Summertime Mahjong system that goes around the building. There are 9 slots for saved games. Automatically be on the chair, Edna and Harvey are shocked! Walk to the double doors at left. The master key is held by Bladder, a guard. Look at the window of the van. Use the trolley by the door at left. Use the TV and the channel is moved to the stock channel. For Shannon Tweeds Attack of the Groupies - try using knife, scissors or broken chair leg to open the box. Ednna the room. Pick up the rake. See that Edna is in the hallway with rooms behind the locked Haarvey: gate. Enter through the door with Keep Out sign. When asked by Moti if you are sure of your card - watch blonde Hoti's eyes and see it blink up Sparkle Unleashed then down Harveg: you clicked on the correct card.

Learn how to open the main gate. King Adrian round 1: Go to rec room and talk to Adrian in his tent. Talk to the Ticket Inspector completely. Try to play once more. The van rolls away and Bladder runs to follow it. Where is Edna? Find Dr. We have to remove him to get across the river below the bridge. It's too dark here. Talk to Professor Nock. Use Harvey on a screw again to tempomorph to the past. Check the 3 photos on the fireplace mantle and see 3 photos of a boy. Pick up and then use the rake with window. See that there is a hose on the left wall.

Learn the reason for the coat hanger. Exit at right. Use steaming pot with mold in inventory to get steaming mold. Arrange the stones to be similar to the fingerprint pattern. Daedalic Entertainment Hey guys!

Go back to the area behind the bars: There are 2 ways you can go back to the area behind the bars or the patient area: - Go back down to the basement laundry lift stop via the hallway right of the kitchen or right of the main stairs of the building. Tempomorph to the past. Get expert on electricity: We need Aluman to help as the expert in electricity. Check the phone and see that it does not have a receiver. Edna goes out and back in immediately followed by Hulgor. Bladder the guard at the control room on the third floor has one. Press the space bar to see all the active spots in the screen. Check the pictures left of the portrait, Poozie the bear and other toys. Find Dr. The dialogue will end when the last dialogue is selected. The 2 guards hear the sound of a car running. Enter door at right. See Mattis, Edna's father and Alfred, the doctor's son eating ice cream. Looked at the portrait of Alfred.

Harvey can collect item by drag drop to Edna or to a square at bottom of screen. See an antenna. The guard turns off the fan. Look down and see the area around the asylum. He knows about a lot of things about Edna. Ask where he got the Babbitt and Son golf club. Ride the laundry lift. Also as extra stuff on the side my website, just opened up. See Mr. Enter Dr. Learn his reason for wearing the bee costume. Check the hatch on the wall left of the organ. Arrange the stones to be similar to the fingerprint pattern. They are not Siamese twins anymore. Look at the pot at left and the potholder on the wall to take them.

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  1. Use the cup on the chute of the coffee machine. Now Edna knows how to remove the screws. Learn about the laundry lift as a system that goes around the building. Take the pinking shears from the table.

  2. It is now labeled airy gap. Use toenails with screws. Aluman sees the aura and chi of Edna. There's a bubble gum dispenser here.

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