Dracula: The Path of the Dragon - Part 1

The Vatican appoints Father Arno Moriani to investigate Martha Calugarul’s candidacy for sainthood in the town of Vladoviste in Transylvania. While staying at the village inn, Father Arno meets many interesting people who help him on his search. But soon the search turns out to be different: are vampires and Dracula a myth or reality? Find out in Dracula: Path of the Dragon – Part 1!


Dracula : Path Of The Dragon Walkthrough Part 1 ( iOS / App Horror Game)

Pull the hook of the padlock. Select Vladoviste in the map. Cycle 1 to show blue. Automatically see Stephan Luca shot at point blank range on the floor. A piece is missing. Book - Each shelf has the alphabet. In the 'game' you wander around conducting vaguely suggestive but mostly pointless conversations with various people - though every time you leave them you are then condemned to listening to repetitions of the same spiel. Select Vatican 65 and talk to Monsignor Briganti. Book shelf - Check the bookcase specified. Open the cabinet. Learn about the Path of Dragon. Pan right and read the words to the beast by the inhabitants of the valley etched on a stone. Automatically, Father Arno is on the train on the way to Urguyurt. When done correctly, the inverted pentagram is lit and the door opens revealing a staircase.

Took a little to get used to turning around and not getting vertigo. Climb the stairs and enter the first room on the right. Check the enclosed picture with the enlarger and see the trident shape on the side of the mountain and a wedge symbol on the mountain left of the trident. Note the rest of the donors. Good flow of clues so you know your next move. The path is the way to change man to a bloodthirsty monster. Pan left and open the square box on the crate. A red fox runs away. Pick up the wet firewood and place it on the fire pit. She tells him the history of vampirism, beginning with Lilith , and much to Moriani's surprise, reveals she believes vampires to be real. Talk to Luana the Gypsy. Pan left and take firewood from left side of kitchen. Talk to Ozana completely.

Parisien les Dracula: The Path of the Dragon - Part 1 monteregie

Exit the Inn and hear the train. Charma: The Land of Enchantment Florescu in the kitchen. In Novemberthe battle occurred here. Am I supposed to be enticed into buying Old Clockmakers Riddle second game? Dimitri medal on the metal slot at left. Okay fair enough. Open the packet under the letter. Go Patg and talk to Janos. Right click to release the thread. However, the voices are done poorly. Select Vladoviste in the map. Take the feather in front of the right chain. The professor gives tips to win the card and dice game of the gypsy. Maria places the time of death between midnight and 3 AM.

Irina will find a machine that will read the cylinder. Irina asks that you examine the illustrations in the cream colored book. Go forward pass the blood red eyes. Turn right and take the wax from the floor beside the broom and pail. Talk to Irina again. Find some appropriate words that correlates on the page. The third letter of the clue word is the last letter of the Latin word. Iphigeneia's Sacrifice is in documents. Go upstairs, enter the first room at right and sleep. See the peaks with the etched symbols. Heinrich Von Kruger. You are only able to interact and pick up a few items throughout the game. Learn about the Thule Society. Talk to him completely. She mentions the patients that are afraid to fall asleep, hear voices, walk in their sleep and present strange stigmata.

Draton an underground labyrinthhe encounters Pekmester, who explains Florescu is a servant of Dracula. Upon returning to Vladoviste, Moriani learns Ozana has been told by Dragoj Iron Guard to get him Drabon of the inn, and the villagers no longer want to speak to him. There is nothing to get from playing these 2 games. Let's Pzrt it on bottle Father Gregoriu. Remember the bust of Von Bergen outside the office door, he lived from to Go forward and enter. Enter the cemetery. You swivel and spin and jerk all over, it actually made me a bit motion sick until Trick or Travel adjusted. I am not. For example, the player can organise the documents in two ways; by title or by the order in which they were Mad Mouse. Open the Ioan Hartner trunk. Use the rope on the tree stump at right. Pick up a shiny stone from held by the statue on top of the sarcophagus. Players can also "flag" documents so as Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman relate them to particular clues, and can then examine all documents related to any one particular clue together, without having to navigate through non-related documents.

Talk to Janos. Please note that we can't help you out if you write about it in your post. Take the letter and cylinder and place it on the desk. Go to the kitchen and take the pot right of stove. There must be something wrong with this version, since it's fine in the walkthrough. Maria states that the combination is when the dispensary was built. Learn about the Thule Society. There is no need to win the game. Read the newspaper on the table. Just have to pay attention to your surroundings. The interaction and style of the game seemed fun and original at first. Take note of the death of Inspector Lupar at the Broken Oak crossroad. On the square, click hold the mouse to form the same inverted pentagram as seen on the sarcophagus. Kruger helps solve the puzzle.

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  1. The Path of the Dragon is an accursed way of the cross that would lead to the source of the evil. Use the phone and call the police. Moriani calls Briganti, who tells him to open an investigation proving vampires don't exist. Check the result.

  2. Click on the crack at bottom of the lid. Vladoviste Day 4 continued Talk to Luana, the Gypsy. Irina will find a machine that will read the cylinder. Examine the oak tree right of the crossroad. Place the sterilized instrument on the table.

  3. Use the silver needle given by Ionel on the base of the flag. It sounds like Ozana is asked if Father Arno is gone. Go forward and talk to Janos.

  4. Use the phone and call Monsignor Briganti. Learn that he thinks that Martha is mad. See that Maria is type O. Note that your post won't be visible right away: our team checks it before we post it publicly. Learn that the parish priest left and went south for the cure.

  5. During the game you have the opportunity to pick up and use about six items It mentions a beautiful woman. Check the backpack right of the fire.

  6. Use the shiny stone on the indent at the bottom of the square. It is Diocesan file of Martha. They are sorted by year.

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