Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life

For centuries people have risked their lives and committed unspeakable crimes to discover the secrets of The Tree of Life. Times have changed, but not human nature. Sylvie Leroux, a young archaeologist and adventurer, is working to solve the mystery that surrounds the legend, but is tempted by the same promises like so many others before her. Dive into Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life, a fun Adventure game.

The items collected can be seen in large item panel by right clicking an inventory. There, she meets a woman of middle-eastern nationality, named Fatima. After a brief discussion it turned out that he did not kill anybody, and he wasn't using Sylvie for an item gain chronometer, chest, map, jug. The letters form Mary Celeste. The clue left by Fatima's husband is to 'start at cemetery'. Check the notebook frequently for: Dialogs, journal and documents. See the murder of the gondolier. Turn the crank and see the roof opens. Click on vault and see the planets. Use swab dipped in juice on ink spot. Meantime, our heroine, Sylvie Leroux turns out to be in the same city where the assassination took place, and begins to investigate. Count Saint-Germain remembers the tree. She also explains the workings of the airship.

Internationale Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life

Go back through the curtains. Alpha and Beta were about to drink a potion when they get distracted by sudden appearance of Sylvie and Omega. Learn about the chest, the map and the Confraternity of the True Cross. Look close Mysteery: cabin Rebuild the History. Ring the bell of Antoine's door and talk to Antoine about sitting on the Inn's bench. Click on empty space on the dial to allow the arrow to move to the correct number. Distract the man on the bridge: Take the stick by the platform. She gives Chronilces to get the parcel. Check the paper on the desk. See some letters. Talk to Fatima. Right now, only Sylvie's passport is there. The count mentions that he left the gun on the airship, and Sylvie is getting it. Both ladies fall asleep, but Sylvie was awoken by Pirates Solitaire 3, who told her that Fatima is dead. Use the pistol spanner on the hole.

Take the curtain and the curtain's tieback. See that there are 3 rings around the central circle and 4 squares at each corner of the decoration. Sylvie finds a chronometer , and a coin a murder mark , next to the body. Sylvie says something about a smoke bomb. Only the Count can adjust it. The last option is important, as it contains the dialogues Sylvia had, items she obtained and her diary. Look at junk beside right side the inn door. If you clean his scarf, he will ask about the collector. Open Saint Germain's cabin door and Sylvie checks if he's awake. Look close at table. The aim is to get the grill part centered. Use the edges, lines in the map and the color of the pieces as aids to see which side you are working on. Exit and talk to Cafe owner again.

Dialogs have important comments for clues and the game's dialogs. Pull back and automatically put back the kanakas. Open Saint Germain's cabin door and Sylvie checks if he's awake. Talk about the bench. Put together one side and the other side will automatically be arranged. The notes feature has dialogues, journal and documents. Double click on gate at end of passage. Right now, only Sylvie's passport is there. You opened it! Move the screen and see the Lufe basin. The controls in the second Chronicles of Mystery are the same as in the first game. She'll sell the airship and coordinates to the Count for 1 million. The clicked-selected dice are lighter than the ones that are not selected. If you clean his scarf, he will ask about the collector. Go to the containers left of screen The Tale of The Lost Bride and A Hidden Treasure in front of the airship door.

Use the cloth on the patinated watch-chronometer. Take the wire brush. Count Saint-Germain's Yacht Count Germain recalls with increasing headache knowing people of the past - years ago. She thoroughly examines the chronometer and finds out that it dates to , the year that "Mary Celeste" sunk. Copy the missing parts from scarf unto map copy: Sylvie says she can use a pencil and a bottled genie. Use the scrubbing brush dipped in lye on broadside. Check the 2 showcases at left and see that they are locked. At the lower right corner of the screen there is a question mark whish reveals all the important items and passages in a given location. She obeys, otherwise she has no options. Cairo[ edit ] As soon as she arrives to Cairo, she gets robbed at the airport. Use the Count's cane on the door handle. Move the stone and take the wicket key.

The coin has a tree of life emblem. Look close at the central circle. Use the screwdriver on the screws of the radio. In inventory combine the pieces of cut up mask and the open flare. Learn the history of Jasper, her grandfather. Exit the room and talk with the cafe owner. Talk to Count Saint-Germain. See that it is Captain Brigg's grave. Take the empty oiler and gear. The items which you can use or interact with are marked with a hand pointer and those at which you can only look - with an eye. Then select roll or pass. Give the medicine to Saint-Germain. A problem arises that there is only enough of the potion for 2 people and that the law of the brotherhood says that those who do not get the potion must die so as not to reveal the secret to the outside world. They explained that they are the descendants of Benjamin Briggs.

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  1. Talk to Antoine. Bottom part of the bas relief: Go down and see that bottom of the columns turned. See Count's medicine. Learn that the broadside was bought in Cairo. Ali recommends camel's milk.

  2. Sylvie is to meet the collector in Cairo. The owner of the castle tells her that Marcel died after an accident, caused probably by love, a heart attack , as his wife, Claire, describes it. Pick up the bowl and the watering can left of the pond. Take the wire brush. Sylvie decides to make a copy.

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